Friday, July 01, 2005

More kicking!

Man, this baby stuff is sooo cool!

I was taking a night off from the job application (I'll be back at it tomorrow, I promise!) and was playing a little Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas when I got a holler form the living room. As the good husband I am, I let her holler for a couple of times before I finally 'heard her' and went trotting in to see what was going on. Well, Jules had her hand on her lump and got me to sit down next to her when she grabbed my hand and pressed it into her tum. As soon as I put my hand there there was a definite 'thump' from within! And to prove that I wasn't imagining it, there was another one almost straight away! I definitely can't put this one down to the pulse in my fingers (or the after-effects of a certain prize we won recently). Although Jules has been getting plenty of these recently (usually when she's trying to go to sleep, of course) it was still pretty exciting to be able to share it with each other.

It's still kind-of hard to describe how weird this all feels sometimes. Even though we're slowly getting our act together and accumulating various baby-realated stuff it takes something like this to realise that this is actually happening (as if the scans weren't a giveaway).

Okay. Enough rambling for me tonight. Think I'll hit the sack.


P.S. Would you belive I actually went into Target this afternoon after work just to see what baby stuff they had? This is definitely something I wouldn't have been doing last year.


At 7/02/2005 04:20:38 PM, Matt said...

You're losing your edge - looking in stores for baby stuff by yourself?!?! Sounds like a bachelor party is in order before you become a 'serious dad' :)

Still very cool about the kicking though :)

At 7/09/2005 03:37:57 PM, Laura said...

All I can say Daniel is "YOU WHAT?" hehehe! Very proud of you - one day you might actually go into Target and actually buy something :o)

I am so excited about becoming an Auntie again and can't wait for the day to come.

Cuddles to the dad to be
Luv Laura


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