Tuesday, August 23, 2005

First Ante-Natal Class

Just got home from our first ante-natal class tonight and I figure I'm long overdue for a blog catch-up...

The class went pretty well, I thought. I found that I got a lot out of it. We covered the whole natural vaginal birth tonight and next week we start looking into pain relief. (Ahh, drugs!) It was interesting seeing the different mixture of people attending the classes, too. There were quite a few young couples (with anxious-looking dads) and a few around our age, too. A lot of the Mums seemed pretty excited about the whole process, too. Quite a few of them were smiling the whole way through the session. Or maybe that's just the general 'pregnancy glow' that seems to kick in.

I must say that Jules has been doing extremely well with the whole pregnancy game so far. She's the happiest I've ever seen her, and is generally taking everything in her stride. She's not getting overly emotional (at least, no more than normal) and I'm expecting that she'll handle these last few weeks pretty well. Fingers crossed!

We've got a lot of the major baby furniture sorted out now, too. I.e. pram, cot, porta-cot, change table and baby capsule for the car. Stocking up on some of the other stuff too (e.g. clothes, etc) but should have a better idea of what we still need once Jules has her baby shower. Speaking of which, she's planning on having it on the 25th of September, so keep your calendars free, girls!

Break-In at the Casa Del Beckitt

Unfortunately we had some bad news last week. We just got back from our most recent "last-ever holiday together" up the coast to Mooloolaba to find that our back door had been smashed. Luckily for us the only damage was the broken glass, and all that was taken was some spare change (about $200,000 that I kept in a sock under the mattress if anyone from RACQ Insurance is reading this) and my MP3 player. It was a pretty stressful couple of days getting everything straightened out, but on the positive side we've got a much better idea of what we need to do to make our home more secure in the future. Oh, and I get a new MP3 player! :-)

Picture Time!

It's been a while since we had a pic of the pregnant lady, so here's a recent one:




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