So! I'm pregnant! Thought this might be a nice idea so all of my friends and family can keep up with my daily thoughts, feelings and goings-on during my pregnancy.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

First craving

Well it was bound to happen some time and for me it was Tuesday night. In fact it was all my Dad's fault. Tuesday was actually a shocker of a day. I woke up and felt fine but not long after my store opened I was serving a customer and couldn't focus properly on the computer screen. It was like I had looked in to a bright light. As this has happened to me before I recognised the symptoms immediately as a migraine. I hardly ever get them (not like my poor Mum) but when I do, boy do I go down. I took a couple of paracetemol straight away to see if I could knock it on the head (so to speak), but I really wasn't well at all. I sat in the back room at work for quite a while waiting for the pills to kick in and started to feel a little better for a while. I felt really nauseous too and light-headed and finally gave up by about 11.30 and told Jody I had to go home and sleep it off. I spent all afternoon in bed asleep. Daniel came home, had his dinner, and then went out singing with his group Vox Montage.

At about 7.30 I got a call from my Dad. I was still feeling pretty crook but it was lovely to talk to him and he really took my mind of things. I hadn't eaten since breakfast and my stomach was telling me to eat but I really didn't feel like anything. That was until Daddy started talking about crumpets with lots of butter and honey! Then that's all I could think about. As Daniel was already out I sent him a text message asking if he could find me some crumpets on the way home. He's such a wonderful husband and went to four different places not getting home until after 11pm - but he got the crumpets! I only had one but I really enjoyed it!

I have been fine since then and actually have a bit of an appetite back again. Bought more crumpets yesterday and have frozen them for another day. Upstairs for thinking!


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