So! I'm pregnant! Thought this might be a nice idea so all of my friends and family can keep up with my daily thoughts, feelings and goings-on during my pregnancy.

Monday, March 07, 2005

It Begins!

A couple of weeks ago Daniel and I received the wonderful news we were expecting a baby! My wonderful husband thought he would set up this blog thing for me. Now that I have my own computer and won't take time away from his 'Precious', I think he hopes this will mean I don't bore him with all my stuff and put it in this instead. I've never done anything like this before - not even a journal keeper, except when I was a teenager - but we won't go there ;-)

It all started with peeing on a stick on Thursday 17th February - at 7pm to be exact (I know because I had just finished watching 'Neighbours'). The test came up positive straight away and, having done one once before which was negative, I got pretty excited. I called Daniel to the bathroom and asked him if he was ready. He went a bit pale from memory, and as I showed him the result and confirmed what that meant, I think his first words were 'Oh crap!' But he smiled and gave me a huge hug. I remember trying not to jump up and down and scream my lungs out with happiness as I knew we had to get it confirmed with the doctor. Every now and then that night though I just started giggling like a school-girl.

Daniel made an appointment for us at our local medical centre for Saturday morning as there are too many ears at my work. (It was very difficult at work that day not being able to say anything to anyone - I felt like I would burst!) Dr McNally confirmed our pregnancy test and we came straight home to make phone calls for the rest of the day. Daniel was on the mobile to his mum as I was on the phone to my parents telling them the exciting news. My parents were so overwhelmed they both started crying and asked if they could ring me back later that night when they could talk. We just told the immediate family that day and my best friend Sarah, and everyone was over the moon for us. The last thing everyone said to me before they hung up was to 'take care of myself'.

So that was about two-and-a half weeks ago and I'm now nearly nine weeks. Only 31 to go! I've been pretty lucky with the morning sickness thing. The day after we told the family I woke up with a shocking headache and threw-up several times. But that's the worst day so far. I mostly just feel a bit 'off' and have had trouble eating. I really don't feel like anything and have to force myself to eat. I have actually lost a couple of kgs since finding out I was preggers which will probably be good in the long run. I just hope I get my appetite back soon - I hate being off my tucker. Other than that I've been quite tired and lacking in energy. I'm always thirsty and sick of going to the loo every half hour. Especially don't like having to get up in the middle of the night. Not every night and usually only once, but I guess it's all good preparation for later on.

I guess that's a long enough entry for a first go. I'll add more stuff as I think of it.


Anonymous said...

The Proud Grandparents here (Julia's side). Ecstatic about the news and look forward to the next chapter, probably cravings for smoked herrings and ice cream.

4:23 PM

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear it was crumpets, your Dad doesn't like smoked herrings, glad to know your appetite is back.

7:11 PM


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