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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Bits and Pieces

I was chatting online to Matty and he said he was updating his blog today. I said to him I should blog if I could think of anything to write. Then I just made a few notes about stuff that has been happening and came up with six topics! Might not be as short a blog as I first thought.

Firstly, Daniel and I had an appointment at the hospital last Wednesday with a midwife. This was one of the most informative appts so far for both of us. We went through my birth plan and the midwife was really lovely. She went through everything, from what to do when I first started getting contractions to after the birth and going home. Both of us learnt a lot of stuff and feel a bit more prepared than we were.

We've also finally got notification about my antenatal classes. They start next week, although I'm going to miss the first one as we'll be away (keep reading for more info on that later in this blog) which is actually a physio class. However, there are then 4 weeks of antenatal classes and another physio one on the 6th week. Then on the 23rd September I get a tour of the labour ward and the birth suite. It's all pretty exciting stuff!

Last night I finally got Daniel to start thinking about names again. He's been really slack about this particular thing. He had really only come up with one name that he liked (apart from Daniel Junior) and I was starting to think he would never come up with anything else. I have suggested several names over the past few months and he's turned his nose up at all of them. He has very specific criteria that they have to fit in to so sometimes that is a bit limiting. Anyway, we came up with a couple more last night and I have written them down today so we won't forget them. I would really like to have a choice on the day baby is born so that we can see what they look more like. We're getting there.

I got a bit organised today also and booked to have our baby capsule fitted in the car. We're hiring one for six months from the Ambulance Service. They actually install it in the car and then, if it is not removed, they are liable for any injury that may be caused by an accident. We have to have it installed two weeks before the due date in case it comes early. At least that's another thing I can tick off the list.

I was talking to my Mum and Dad during the week and they have booked their passage over from Tassie on the ferry. They are catching it from Devonport all the way to Sydney and then driving from Sydney. They should get to Brisbane about the 10th October, a week before the baby's due. That gives Dad just enough time for him to fix anything else I need him to do around the house that he didn't get done last time! (Love you Daddy!)

As mentioned, I'm not going to my first class next week because Daniel and I are taking a little trip up the Sunshine Coast. Daniel's Mum and Dad gave us a voucher last Christmas to put towards accommodation which expires in October. We had really not had the opportunity to use it until now and we thought we better get in before the baby is born. Next Wednesday is Ekka Show Day public holiday so we thought we'd make the most of Daniel having a day off and use our voucher. It's also my birthday on Friday next week. I'm working Saturday, but we're going up straight after I finish and staying until Wednesday. It will be a really peaceful break I think and we don't plan to do much. Maybe see a movie or two and relax. We've got a self-contained unit so hopefully we'll be able to save money by cooking most meals ourselves rather than eating our every night. We're both really looking forward to it.


Kirsten said...

Sounds awesome Jules! :)
I'm sure you guys will have a great time!

10:46 PM

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