So! I'm pregnant! Thought this might be a nice idea so all of my friends and family can keep up with my daily thoughts, feelings and goings-on during my pregnancy.

Friday, September 30, 2005

Baby Shower and stuff

I know it's been a little while and I have been off work so there is no excuse for taking so long to update my blog, except lack of motivation. So it might be a long one!

I had my baby shower last Sunday afternoon with a heap of girlfriends. It was so lovely just to have everybody over and catch up with them all, especially knowing it might be a little while before I get to see a few of them again. We also got some wonderful prezzies for little B! Writing out 'thank you' cards is my next job today. And speaking of thank yous, a big one goes out to my friend Jody who went to so much trouble on the day. She made food, helped with the invitations, organised games, and was just great support all round!

Our ante-natal classes are all finished now and last week we took a tour of the labour ward and birth suite so now we know where to go. We also found out that they don't allow visitors from 1-3pm every day and that they expect all visitors, including husbands, to be gone by about 9pm every night. This is so all the new Mums get at least a certain amount of sleep/rest every day. They usually kick you out after only 2 days anyway so I don't think this will be a problem.

Personally, I'm feeling quite fat and uncomfy now. It's hard to find a comfy sitting position on my couch to watch the telly so I spend a fair bit of time in front of this computer as it is slightly more comfy. Sitting backwards on this office chair is quite good for a while but not very good for typing. I like to sit that way when Daniel is busy in here and I can chat to him. Otherwise I sit normally and play Sudoku. This is my new thing - check out and see if you get hooked like I did. My best time (without checking/cheating) is 6mins 54secs. Considering the first time I did one it took me nearly half hour I'm pretty impressed. My average used to be around 12-15 mins but now I get consistently under 10mins. At least it's keeping my brain from turning to mush!

Daniel's leaving me tonight! He's going down the Coast to have a night out with Adrian. I did have a bit of a 'what if I go into labour?' moment when he first suggested it but got over that. He's only an hour away if anything happens (which it won't) and I have the car so if I need to do anything I can - not that I plan on driving myself to hospital if I'm in labour! If worst comes to worse I can call an ambulance, and I have told Jody so she's on standby if I need anything too. My worst problem will probably be getting lonely!

Our friends Libby and Leon's son, Elliott, turned 2 years old the other day and Libby had a birthday party for him. There were about 10 Mums there with all their kids - it looked like a childcare centre! It was so great seeing all the kids play and stuff their faces full of lollies and cake. Libby and her mum made a cake in the shape of Wags from the Wiggles much to Elliott's delight. It was delicious too! Of all the mums there, 5 of them had little ones under 6 months old and were still breastfeeding. At one stage all the bubs were hungry at once so they all sat around together to give them a feed - it was so beautiful. I got to cuddle at least three of the little ones and one of them fell asleep while I was holding her so I didn't want to give her back in case she woke up! I still can't believe Lib organised it all with Olivia still only 6 weeks old! She's game if nothing else!

Well, we're expecting some hot weather over the next few days. It's actually been in the high 20s for the last few days and expecting low 30s over the weekend and Monday! The air conditioner has been on the go for the last few nights in the bedroom and last night watching the telly I turned the one on in the lounge for a bit too. So far I've managed without it during the day but it might get a workout over the weekend. We're actually going to Matt and Kirsten's for dinner tomorrow night and their house is like an oven when the weather heats up. Hope I don't embarrass myself by being one bit sweaty mess! I'm actually really looking forward to it though - we haven't been over there for ages. We're taking one of our board games, Cranium, with us, so it should be another fun-filled afternoon/evening. I'll let you know!

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Why am I awake?

It's nearly 12.30am and I should be asleep - but B has decided no sleep for me right now. I went to bed early tonight and didn't watch any telly. Daniel went out singing about 7pm and after watching about 15mins of Temptation I realised that I really didn't feel like watching the telly and turned it off and went to bed to read. I've been getting quite uncomfortable over the last week or so and finding it difficult to stay in one position too long, be it sitting or standing or lying down. Lying down is the best of these but my arms get uncomfortable and sometimes I wish they just weren't there at all! My neck and shoulders have been aching a bit too and I've felt a bit head-achy on and off as well. So much for my perfect pregnancy - knew it couldn't last! Daniel came home about 10ish I guess and I had been dozing but not really asleep. He did some stuff on the computer and then came to bed a bit after 11pm. I was awake again by then as I had to go to the toilet - again! I feel like every drop of water I injest has to come out the other end within the hour or else! Why isn't my body absorbing any of this stuff? Anyway, after Daniel turned out his light I tried to settle down again but B decided to make his presence known and is still kicking and wriggling like a maniac. I thought if I got up and wandered around for a while he might go back to sleep - but alas, I was dead wrong. I think I've woken him up even more! I could go back to bed and try and read some more but that would keep Daniel awake - so here I am writing a blog about the whole event. I finished work last week so at least I know I can spend all day in bed tomorrow if I need to but it doesn't really help right now.

So, what else is news? Last Friday I got to see my little brother and his wife briefly as they were on their way to Port Douglas for a holiday. They had a flight via Brisbane so I met them at the airport for a coffee. It was really great to catch up with them and all their news. Unfortunately they have a flight via Sydney instead on the way back so I won't see them again for a while I think. They may be home to Tassie for Christmas too but they've just changed jobs and moved interstate so the're not sure whether they can both get the time off. Fingers crossed!

On Saturday it was Daniel's birthday and we also went to our next-door-neighbour's wedding. It was so beautiful! Daniel got some lovely prezzies (I'm sure he'll get around to updating his blog one day and telling everyone about it) and we just took it easy in the morning until it was time to get ready for the wedding. The ceremony was lovely and rather short at one of my favourite churches in Brisbane, St Augustine's in Hamilton. Then they had the reception not far away at the Riverview Inn. We didn't know anybody there but had lovely people sitting at our table and made friends with them all straight away. One of the couples was actually the neighbours from the other side of Brock and Amanda whom we hadn't met before, so it was great getting to know them. Daniel made the most of the free alcohol and even got me up dancing quite a lot. Usually I have to convince him to dance! Overall, we had a really great time.

On Sunday we slept in and didn't do much until the afternoon. We got a great boardgame for our birthday from Geoff called 'Scene It' so we invited him and Matt and Kirsten all over to play it with us. (It's really cool as it's a movie trivia game and it has a DVD with it. Some of the questions you have to watch clips from movies and then answer questions about what you just saw or who the actor was or director or something.) They all came over about 4pm and we played a couple of games. Then Daniel made a stirfry for dinner and we played another boardgame, 'Articulate', for a while before finishing the night off with a bowl of fruit and ice-cream (thanks M & K) and one last game of Scene It.

The next morning I had my 34 week GP visit and my second Anti D injection. Everything's going well - blood-pressure is fine, baby's heartbeat good and we think he's in the right palce. Also had antenatal class last night on breastfeeding - lots of good info from that too.

Well it's now 1am and I think I might try and go back to sleep. B seems to have stopped jumping around as much and I have to go to the loo again! Wish me luck!