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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Food & Back at Work

Look - 2 posts in a week! It's a miracle!

Thought everyone might like to know how Andrew's been going with his food this week. As I said in my last post I've just started him on some different solids this week. After giving him some apple and peach a couple of times that first day I went on to some vegies the next day and he loved them. I warmed them up in the microwave so too which I think he likes better than cold. Lets face it though, none of us like our vegies cold either. He at a whole little jar of those in a day over three separate meals so then we moved on. I cooked up some carrots and processed them with some water and he ate them. Now he's having solids 3 times a day, about half a jar each sitting! And I'm still breastfeeding him the same amount. He's a growing boy. When I weighed him last week the scales said 6.66kgs (was a bit worried he had turned evil!) but that is healthy for his age - right on track!

Mmmmmmm, rice cereal!

The other big news this week was I went back to work! I just did a Thursday night shift, 5.30-9pm so Daniel could look after Little Man. I left some expressed milk and breastfed him just before I left at 5pm. He hasn't been taking a bottle for some time now so I was a little worried he would play up a bit for Daniel, especially as he's usually a bit feisty in the evenings anyway. (I'm trying to convince Daniel to blog about how he went with him now for his side of the story.)

When I got to work I felt so excited to be there. It really felt like I hadn't been away for very long. Since Kat has been manager she has made some really great merchandising changes but apart from that it was all pretty much the same. When I went to do my first sale I didn't even have to think about how to do it or which buttons to push, it all just came flooding back. A bit scary really - been doing this job a long time I guess. Even answering the phone I didn't think about, just went straight in to the spiel. I really loved being back and Daniel has agreed to look after Andrew every Thursday night now so I can continue to work that same shift every week. Kat's happy to have me too as she is a bit short on staff at the moment so it's worked out for everyone. Looking forward to next week already.


Kirsten said...

Glad you're enjoying starting back at work :)

Had fun feeding AJ some solids on Sunday! Good luck with the formula thing...

9:27 PM

Margie said...

Hi Julia,
Nice to see you posting again too! So glad for all of you that your first time back at work wasn't a drama and congrats on remembering things!! You mustn't be suffering 'baby brain' as much as I was. :-)


6:06 PM


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