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Monday, April 03, 2006

Dirty Boy

Andrew really didn't want to be a clean little man yesterday. He was a bit smelly yesterday morning from sweating in bed so Daniel took him for a shower with him in the morning. That was fine but just after I had him all dry on the change table I put him on his tummy so I could talc his back and he did a big wee. He was laying in a big puddle of it - yucko! I was about to go for a shower myself so he came in with me and I rinsed him off and we tried again. Success!

Then last night he'd only been in the bath a few minutes when he decided he needed to do number 2s - even more yucko! Talk about floaties! At least these days he's poos are more solid. Daniel just yelled out "Ahh! What do I do?" I said "pull the plug and get him out" so it was just a quick bath last night.

Last Thursday night when I got home from work Daniel was standing at the door with Andrew in his arms waiting for me as I drove up the driveway. I immediately knew he hadn't had it as easy as the week before. He had taken Andrew for a walk not long after I left for work and he'd fallen asleep. He stayed asleep until about 7.15pm I think and then been a bit of a handful apparently. He'd eaten his solids but wouldn't take any formula (as usual). But poor Daniel had forgotten that I'd left some expressed milk in the fridge too so he might have calmed down a bit if he'd had that. Then again, he might not have. He hadn't been crying all the time but just didn't want to be left alone to play so Daniel had to hold him the whole time. Of course, I came in and stuck a boob in his mouth and he fell asleep straight away. And so did Andrew! ;-)

Speaking of work, I'm doing 10am-3pm on Sunday at the Kippa-Ring store this week. They are really desperate as their one and only casual just quit and their manager is on holidays. I asked Daniel first if he would be ok with Andrew for that long and he said yes. Being it's during the day I'll get him to drop me off and pick me up again so at least he has the freedom to drive around. If worse comes to worst he can come into work and I'll feed Andrew in the back room. Will let you know how that goes.


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