So! I'm pregnant! Thought this might be a nice idea so all of my friends and family can keep up with my daily thoughts, feelings and goings-on during my pregnancy.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Formula break-through

Hooray! Andrew just drank about 50mls of formula in one sitting. It's the first time he's drank more than just a few sips at one time. He'd just gotten up from a nap and was a bit grizzly so I got it ready and warmed it up more than I have done it the past. I think this may be the secret - he doesn't like milk just luke warm, it's got to be fairly hot. Of course, not too hot. Towards the end he started getting cranky again and pushing the bottle away so I changed his nappy then sat back down with him. I could tell he was still hungry so when he started pushing the bottle away again I just gave him a breastfeed and he was fine. But still a step in the right direction.

Friday night turned out to be great. After getting my legs waxed and a pedicure (SO nice!!!!!) we went to a restaurant in the Valley called Wagamama. It was delicious! Andrew was a really good boy and fell asleep in the pram before dinner arrived so it was still a romantic anniversary dinner. We picked up some low-fat ice-cream for dessert on the way home and Andrew went straight to bed after a feed and a bath. Really great night so we forgot all about the horrible day before.


Kirsten said...

Wow that's great!! Definitely a step in the right direction - before he was pushing it away from the first moment (and making the *funniest* faces!). Hope it continues to go so well :)

8:49 AM

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