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Friday, April 07, 2006

Sick Anniversary

Yesterday Daniel and I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary - well, celebrated might be the wrong word. We exchanged cards in bed (nice start) and then Daniel got up and got ready for work. At about 8.30am I started to feel a headache coming on which is very unusual for me. Andrew went back down for his morning sleep and I took a couple of pills and also went back to bed to try and knock it on the head. When Andrew woke me up at about 10.15am my headache was much worse and I was feeling really nauseous. I had to ring Daniel and ask him to come home as I really wasn't able to look after Andrew. Daniel's work was great and let him come home straight away so he was home before midday. Daniel looked after Andrew all afternoon apart from the odd breastfeed. He is such a good husband. I stayed in bed nearly all day. The nausea went away during the afternoon but the headache hung around, although wasn't as bad.

Poor Andrew must have picked up that his Mummy wasn't well too because he wouldn't settle last night. Daniel took him for a drive to try and put him to sleep, which worked but he woke up as soon as he got home. Then I gave him a feed and he went back down but woke up 10 minutes later. It was about 8pm by now and I was back in bed. I suggested Daniel just get him up and let him play for a while and see how he goes. That worked for a while and then he started to get cranky again. I got up again and tried to give him another feed but I don't think there was anything left in my boobs for him anyway. He didn't take them and just got even more cranky. Daniel had been dealing with him all day nearly and was a bit stressed so I said I'd try and rock him to sleep and he should go and hide in his computer room for a while. Unfortunately it didn't block out the screaming so he eventually went for a walk. AJ cried full-on for half-hour! Not very nice when your head still hurts. But he finally fell asleep, just as Daniel walked back inside after his walk. I thought he was going to be back too early and have to go out again! Daniel was very grateful that I had managed to put him to sleep. We sat on the couch for a bit and watched some telly to calm down. AJ stayed asleep until normal time this morning.

So not the best way to spend your wedding anniversary. I was also supposed to be working last night so I felt really bad letting them down so soon after only being back a couple of weeks. This afternoon Daniel is getting his hair cut and I'm having a leg wax and pedicure at the same place in town so we're hoping to go out for a nice dinner afterwards if Andrew isn't too grumpy.


Anonymous said...

Next anniversary you'll be laughing about it and saying "do you remember our 4th? God, it was a terrible day!!". Put this one behind you and "carpe diem".
Love from Mum

11:14 AM

Kirsten said...

2 posts! I'm going to have to check here more regularly!

Sorry to hear about your headache. I know when I have one I just want to crawl into a dark silent hole and not come out. Maybe Andrew was just upset because he was worried about his Mummy :)

8:23 AM


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